In the begining it was simple. Our father Joker, being a lover of art, decided that there must be a race of vampires fluent in the arts, forever immortal to persue the quest of beauty. With the creation of Craig, the new race began, they were named Toreador. It was with the onset of Ebon however, that the Toreador began to take their place in the realm of vampires. It was in this era of Ebon's leadership that many of the legendary Toreador names first apeared: such names as Omega, Ishmael, and Keldorn continue to strike fear into the hearts of the young. After a long and prosperous reign, Ebon suddenly disapeared, to this day noone may know of what became of him.

      After a few attempts at a successor, a young man by the name of Derick Zeal apeared to lead the clan, into what was to become its most successful era to date. With the sudden growth of the clan it was decided that a second leader would be necessary, and from the shadows Laoshi emerged. In this climate a new generation apeared. Such figures as Renno, Doink, Barney, Littlewing, and Ryubei arrived, helping Omega establish clan Toreador as one of the most formidable forces the world had yet seen.

      It was not to last, however, as Derrick was destroyed by angry gods and Laoshi began falling into torpor. The elder goddess, Belladonna, took over, and with the help of Botch, Toreador began anew. The return of Ishmael, and a young but powerful vampire named Ahab helped establish the clan once again as a formidable force. But the old God's were destroyed and it was left to the mysterious Justicar Bathory to lead the clan from afar. Though Bathory was seldom seen, the clan continued to flourish, with the princes introducing a new generation of Toreadors to the world.

      The lack of leadership eventually became apparent, however, as many powerful Toreadors began to succumb to the call of the other clans. Ishmael resovled himself to the death clan: Cappadocian, and the elder clan Brujah recruited many of the powerful figures in Toreador, including: Gozer, Khadija, and SMDM. The fall of Ryubei into torpor, and the greatly mourned retirement of Doink, has proven a huge blow to the clan. But finally a new Justicar has been borne. Ahab has assumed the position, and is determined to lead the Toreador into its greatest era ever.

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