We have eternity stretched out before us, while the mortals have but an eyeblink. How can we be so selfish as to spend our time fighting and despoiling? The eventual salvation of us all lies in the secrets of creative genius -- you have but to look for it.

      Welcome to the Toreador webpage for Vampire Wars...Many of you may be asking yourself, what is a Toreador? Well A Toreador is an Artisan, a devotee of Beauty, regardless of form. They are mainly Lovers and not Fighters, but be warned, Don't piss em off. Clan Toreador are closely associated with mortal artists and creators, and usually Embrace them to preserve their beauty forever. Clan Toreador is not the most closely linked clan, but they do maintain informal communications with one another, occasionally gathering to exchange news. They rarely unite as a clan to persue a common goal, preferring their individual pursuits.

--Home of the Rose made public by Ahab and Wyland--
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